Jones Chapel UMC Service 3-14-21

 Jones Chapel UMC Service from 3-14-21

The Call to Worship is Psalm 119: 65-72.

Songs for the service are: All Hail the Power of Jesus Name (UMH 154), What A Beautiful Name, and Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (UMH 349)

The sermon from Rev Kyung Kim is entitled “People Ask for a King”.

Bible verses include: Judges 2:6-23, Deuteronomy 11:18-21 and Exodus 20:5


  1. Karen Hart Myers says

    Good morning from Karen and Ernie.

  2. κΆŒμ˜μˆ™ says
  3. Debbie McDonald says


  4. Guy Reno says

    Thank you Pastor Kim for the message today!

  5. Guy Reno says

    We love our Jones Chapel family!

  6. Ernestine Cochran says

    Jewel and I missed joining in on facebook this morning. We were on the way back from Blackshear. We did pull over to the side of the road but were unable to connect on Jewel’s device. I am listening to it at 4:00 pm. Hope to be there next Sunday.

  7. Jewel Gnann Ramirez says

    Jewel watching

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